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Phi Beta Kappa Membership Types

Charter Members

The Phi Beta Kappa Members of the faculty to whom the Gamma of Mississippi charter was granted.

Resident members

Resident members are members of Phi Beta Kappa who hold faculty or staff positions at Mississippi State University.

Foundation Members

Charter members are selected only at the initial founding of the Chapter. They are exemplars of distinguished scholarly and societal post-baccalaureate achievement and/or persons who have completed the baccalaureate level or above who have been particularly instrumental in the founding of the Gamma of Mississippi chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Mississippi State University.

Alumni/ae members

Alumni/ae members are graduates of Mississippi State University of not less than ten years' standing who were elected based on clear evidence of the possession of distinguished scholarly capacities since their graduation. Election of such members is rare.

Honorary members

Honorary members are non-graduates of Mississippi State University who are chosen on a similar basis to that of Alumni/ae members. Similarly, election of such members is rare.

Members in course

Members in course are all members of the chapter elected as undergraduate or, rarely, graduate students. Election to membership in Phi Beta Kappa is an honor conferred upon fewer than 10% of each graduating class. The members in course shall be elected primarily on the basis of broad academic interests, scholarly achievements, and academic integrity.

Importantly, students do not apply for or seek nominations for membership. Members in course are selected and elected by the chapter, after an objective review of the academic records of all eligible candidates. There must be clear evidence of a distinguished record of scholarly performance in courses that demonstrate a broad exposure to the liberal arts and sciences, such as the fine arts, humanities, languages, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences, as well as substantial work in areas outside the student's major.